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About us


Boneloaf is a small independant game studio currently making a series of experimental multiplayer party games.


Boneloaf was setup by three brothers (James, Jon, and Michael Brown) to make games and toys informed by an adolescence spent watching bizarre Filmation and Hasbro cartoons, playing multiplayer arcade and console games, and drawing silly characters.

For three years members of the company prototyped a series of experimental games working from geographically remote locations or meeting for game jams when members could take time off from their individual work and education commitments, a number of these prototypes were built with iterations of a custom procedural animation framework.

In late 2013 a basic punch mechanic was added to a high fantasy game prototype to test if it could be adapted to make a mêlée fighting party game similar to Capcom's Final Fight, Sega's Streets of Rage, Konami's Crime Fighters, and Taito's Double Dragon games.

In mid-November of 2013 the company committed to making the mêlée fighting game prototype their first commercial game (giving it the working title of Gang Beasts to conform with the naming scheme of other game prototypes). On the 11th February 2014 Boneloaf showed Gang Beasts publicly for the first time at the TGDN x Animex event in Middlesbrough (UK), an event organised by the Teesside Game Developer Network (now called Game Bridge) for the Animex International Festival of Animation and Computer games.


Game development


A new project is an opportunity to create something unique. Tell us about your idea.